I like the invitation but I want a different type style and verse. Can I intermix the choices?

Absolutely.  You can personalize your invitation with whatever wording and type styles you choose.  Hundreds of options for fonts, ink colors and envelope linings are available.  Since you can create your own wording, the verse options are limitless.

Can I use a picture for a "Save the Date" card? Yes!  Carlson Craft has a new line of post cards for just this type of Save the Date card.

The invitation I like doesn't show a reception card. Is that a problem? Not a problem!  The entire invitation ensemble can be created from the styles presented.  It is too cumbersome to provide a sample of every item with each invitation.

How long will it take for invitations to arrive? While we like to say 10 working days from the time the order is place, our experience is that they are usually here sooner. 

What if there is an error on the invitation? Since the customer signs off on the final order, there is little room for error on the order.  In the RARE case that there is a mistake, it will be corrected quickly with no charge to the customer. 

Can I get a proof?

Yes, in fact, we recommend it.  Proofs are available by fax and mail.  There is a charge for each.  Fax proofs are less expensive and usually solve the  "jitters" about correct spelling and format.

If I run out of invitations, can I order more?

Absolutely.  Yes, you can order more HOWEVER when you reorder, the price begins with the initial cost.  It is so much more economic to order an extra 25 the first time!  Blank envelopes are the exception and can be reordered with out a cost penalty.

What type of personal advice is available?

  The books are available to puruse at your leisure in our Mundelein home. Arrangements can also be made to have the books brought to you. Email one of us at tana@heartlandinvitatons.com to begin a discussion about your order options. We have 30 years experience helping brides with the invitation process. 



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